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Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret




Chair of Archaeology of the University of Alicante from the year 2003 and Director of the University Institute of Investigation in Archaeology and Historical Heritage-INAPH,  created in 2014 in the UA. It has directed diverse projects of investigation centred preferably in the Late Antiquity, to the-Andalus and the medievo, between which stand out the excavations and put in value of the Archaeologic Park of the Tolmo of Minateda of the JCCM, the participation in the project Tusculum of the EEHA of Rome and in the European project Transformation of the Roman World": New Approaches to the Emergence of Early Mediaeval Europe (1993-1998), ESF- European Science Foundation. It has been IP of diverse projects of R&D related with the archaeologic Reading of the social use of the space (HAR2012-34035 and HAR2009-11441).

In the actuality codirige the excavations of the yacimientos mediaeval of The Tolmo of Minateda and the Castellar of Elche, participates in the project of study of the Pecios Sarracenos of Provenza with the L'Inrap, and codirige a project of investigation on  The place of the things: relation between the material culture and the spaces built to the light of the archaeology (HAR2015-67111-P). It coordinated the Master University in professional Archaeology and integral management of the heritage, by the University of Alicante of 2007 to 2010 and has promoted the University Institute of Investigations in Archaeology and Heritage (INAPH) of the UA, in addition to developing other charges of evaluation and management of the investigation in the National Commission Evaluadora of the Activity Researcher- CNEAI  (Vowel of the Committee Adviser of the field 10 of  2007 and 2008) and the National Agency of Evaluation and  Prospectiva- ANEP (Attaches to the coordination of the area of History and Art for the evaluation of the national plan of R&D, from 2009  until 2012.). It has been external speaker of the project of Institute of Archaeology (IDA) of the CSIC. Member of the NETWORK of Experts of the Project Campus of International Excellence in Heritage (CEB09-0032) conceded by the MICINN to the Andalusian universities, coordinated by the University of Jaén, and adviser in scientific subjects and patrimoniales in the Board of Andalucia and the Region of Murcia.

It is member of diverse councils of editorial of scientific magazines (Spanish Archive of Archaeology, Archaeology and mediaeval territory, Lucentum) and of scientific Committees

His main lines of investigation centre  in the settlement, the edilicia and the material culture altomedieval and Islamic, as well as in the process of islamización and the training of the early to the-Andalus. It has published numerous books and articles in skilled means, between which stand out his archaeologic studies on Cora of Tudmir; and his reflections on the mediaeval archaeology and postmedieval. It participates usually  in scientific meetings, exhibitions and seminars and has directed several projects doctorales and works of máster.




  • Direction: PO BOX 99 And-03080 Alicante
  • Telephone: 96 590 9562
  • Tutorial Course 2013-14
           First quarter: Monday: 9-11 h / 13-14 h  & thursday de 9-12 h
           Segond quarter: Tuesday:10-13 h & thursday: 10-13 h
  • Office: Philosophy and Letters II, Ground Floor




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