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Carolina Doménech Belda


Lecturer at the Department of Archaeology at the University of Alicante and member of the Research Institute of Archaeology and Heritage. Master in Euro-Arab Studies by the University of Alicante and Diploma in Egyptian hieroglyphic by the Faculty of Theology San Vicente Ferrer of Valencia. He has participated in several research projects and currently co-directs one that analyzes the relationship between material culture and spaces constructed under archeology in the Middle Ages. He has coordinated the MA in Archaeology and Heritage Management at the University of Alicante between 2012 and 2016.

He has developed several research lines  related primarily to the Numismatic and  Postclassic
Archeology. She's specialist in Medieval Numismatic, and mainly in Islamic currency, subject on which he has spent most of his research work. His main research interests focus on the study of the process of Islamization through monetales records, the evolution of monetary systems and circulation patterns in the different Islamic governments in al-Andalus. Another no less important line has been dedicated to non andalusí Numismatic, among which studies the Fatimid currency and the role played by the foreign cash in the cash economy of al-Andalus. He has made an important task of study and analysis of numismatic findings, review of ancient finds and coins from archaeological contexts, focusing on the study of coins contextualized archaeologically, which he has devoted much research in recent years.




TEACHING 2018-19

 Máster in Professional Archaeology and Heritage Management:
Inventory and cataloging(39807)Inventory and cataloging(39807)

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