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fallecimiento de Berta LLedó Solbes



 Remembering Berta Lledó

On July 27, Berta Lledó Solbes, honorary collaborator of the Archeology area of %u200B%u200Bthe Department of Prehistory, Archeology, Ancient History, Greek Philology and Latin Philology left us prematurely. Berta herself was trained as an archaeologist at the University of Alicante, participating in numerous excavations such as those of Cabezo Redondo and El Tolmo de Minateda, whose team she joined in the early nineties.

In 1993 she was awarded a grant by the Institute of Nautical Archeology (INA, Texas A&M University) to participate in the study of the glass shipment of the 11th century wreck Serçe Liman%u0131, directed by George Bass in Bodrum (Turkey), of whose final publication she is co-author . Since then, Berta Lledó has participated in numerous underwater archeology projects in collaboration with the INA and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, where she ended up settling down and forming a family with her partner Tufan Turanli and her two children, Ada and Bora.

She has been the archaeological director of the Ertu%u011Frul Project (2007-2016), a major international Turkish-Japanese project on the Ottoman frigate Ertu%u011Frul, sunk in Japan in 1890 as part of a diplomatic trip between the Ottoman Empire and Meijí Japan.

Expert in Islamic glass and recent underwater archeology, Berta maintained deep ties with the University of Alicante, her alma mater, where she received her doctorate in 2016 with a thesis entitled La Fragata Ertu%u011Frul: An Ottoman Wreck in Japan. Documents, materials, exhibition and memory, which deserved the highest rating, helping to consolidate scientific ties through a sea of %u200B%u200Bours and common.

Her premature and unexpected death, in addition to depriving us of an excellent researcher, leaves us destitute and orphans without the warm presence of that optimism so much hers, which she kept with a firm rudder until the end, in a life lesson. We are sure that she sails through placid waters. Goodbye, partner.


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