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Open the pre-registration MA in Professional Archaeology and Heritage Management

1ª phase: 7th April to 30th May

2ª phase: 31 May to 5 July

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In the cradle of the Dama 120 years later

A multidisciplinary group of researchers, led by the Professor of Ancient History of the University of Alicante (UA) José Uroz, has started the archaeological works that assume this pending appointment with the history of Elche

Searching The Iberian Alcudia

120 years after his discovery,  the plot where the Dama de Elche was founded, will bi excavated. Works start next 3th April carried out by the team of the research project "La Alcudia: investigación arqueológica interdisciplinar en el Sector 11"

UA's Research Vice-chancellor visits excavations at La Alcudia Archaeological Foundation

Amparo Navarro Faure, UA's Research Vice-chancellor, have visited La Alcudia and the archaeologic works that are being carried out there.

A lucerna with a scene eròtica between a woman and a herma appears in the excavations of the UA in The Alcudia

A singular "lucerna" wich shows  a scene with sexual content, has appeared during the archaeologic works that are being carried out at La Alcudia archaeological site.

The magazine Lucentum has been included in the platform ESCI (Emergency Science Citation Index) of the Web of Science.

The magazine Lucentum has been included in ESCI platform  (Emergency Science Citation Index) of  Web of Science.

Professor Mauro Hernández will be Villenas's «Favourite Son»

The Professor of Prehistory of the University of Alicante is from 1988 director of archaeologic excavations in Cabezo Redondo

Starts excavation works at 4F sector of Alcudia-Domus Project

Works of archaeologic excavation at 4F sector of La Alcudia have started.

New website of the DOMUS-THE ALCUDIA. Vivir in Ilici research project

On it you can find  information about  targets, methodology  and results of this Project

Domus Roman full of history

Researchers  work in 4F sector, where they could find another aristocratic construction

Experts will use the augmented reality (AR) to know the stages of The Alcudia

The archaeological team will start works at the site next 10th january and will implement new technicians as bioarchaeology in his investigation

A skull found during the excavations of Cabezo Redondo archaeological site

It was in a stay of 36 square metres, the biggest  studied at this site of the Age of the Bronze.

A rural settlement of postroman period discovered at Aigua Dolça i Salà

Excavations, that have taken out to the light an ancient farm, are carried out by archaeologists and volunteers of UNED and University of Alicante

A house of the Age of Bronze

A big dimensions Age of Bronze house is the most important finding of the last campaign of archaeologic excavations that the UA is carrying out at the archaeological site of Cabezo Redondo, in Villena

Video: What teachs Archaeology?

Sonia Gutiérrez

Professor of Archaeology at the University of Alicante

M.A. in Professional Archaeology and Heritage Management: Media update

Videos can be seen at M.A.'s Youtube channel

DAMA. Documents of Archaeology and Historical Heritage

Electronic magazine of the Máster  in Professional Archaeology and  Heritage Management

Crevillent City Council will request the archeological site of Peña Negra to become BIC

Crevillent City council  will request to the  Valencian Government that Peña Negra archaeological site  is declared Site of Cultural Interest.


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