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Pre-registration extraordinary term MA in Archaeology and Heritage Management

Deadline for applications: 20th September.

21 September: admission list

An agreement between UA and UCLM allows to create the "double digital" of La Alcúdia archarological site

Has been developed an infrastructure to generate digital models of high resolution and 3D visualisations.

Mauro S. Hernández, Villena's Adoptive Son

The Professor of Prehistory of the University of Alicante was named las friday Villena's Adoptive Son , a recognition to his work as a researcher and scientific divulger of local heritage, especially about  Cabezo Redondo archaeological site.

Cabezo Redondo. A powerful commercial site 4.000 years ago

The new campaign of excavations at Cabezo Redondo archaeologic site in Villena takes out to light several luxury objects wich show that the inhabitants of this Age of Bronze site commercialised 2.000 years before Christ with other zones of the Mediterranean

City of Villena Adoptive Son of Professor Mauro S. Hernández Pérez

7 July 2017. 8 pm

Villena House of Culture

Archaeological works at La Picola

A UA team, with the support of Santa Pola City council, will restart during a month the excavations in this salted fish factory  of the roman period

UA Rector is committed to maintaining the budget to keep on investigating at La Alcudia three years more

The three researchers who have directed the excavations works confirm the important findings and ask support to expand them and consolidate them.

UCM Archaeologists use georradar looking for new rests at Penya Negra

UCM Archaeometry researchers stud with  georradar possible ancient rests wich are buried  at Penya Negra

A new finding at La Alcudia archaeological excavations begins to rewrite the history of the Iberian Ilici

This discovery shows the importance of field archaeology to renew the sources on which build and know history.

University of Alicante researchers find in La Alcudia a pit with a collective burial of the late period

A multidisciplinary team of researchers of the University of Alicante, led by the Professor of Ancient History, José Uroz, finds La Alcudia archaeological silte a grave used along the time with several burials

In the cradle of the Dama 120 years later

A multidisciplinary group of researchers, led by the Professor of Ancient History of the University of Alicante (UA) José Uroz, has started the archaeological works that assume this pending appointment with the history of Elche

Searching The Iberian Alcudia

120 years after his discovery,  the plot where the Dama de Elche was founded, will bi excavated. Works start next 3th April carried out by the team of the research project "La Alcudia: investigación arqueológica interdisciplinar en el Sector 11"

Professor Mauro Hernández will be Villenas's «Favourite Son»

The Professor of Prehistory of the University of Alicante is from 1988 director of archaeologic excavations in Cabezo Redondo

Domus Roman full of history

Researchers  work in 4F sector, where they could find another aristocratic construction


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