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The discovery under the sea of a Roman treasure hidden from barbarians

A set of 53 gold coins from the 4th and 5th centuries returns to the surface thanks to a casual finding in the  bay of Portitxol (Alicante).

Research about epigraphy in Galicia

Within the framework of the Research Project "Settlement of the Roman period and evolution of the epigraphic habit in Hispania citerior and north of Lusitania", Professor Juan Manuel Abascal has made a visit to the Archaeological Museums of A Coruña and Pontevedra, as well as the Center of Interpretation of the castro of San Cibrao de Las (San Amaro, Ourense). 

The gate that defended Menorca from the Roman legions

Archaeologists reconstruct the end of a Carthaginian settlement in Ciutadella thanks to the discovery of an unexpected elbow-shaped access.

A large Visigoth building in El Tolmo de Minateda has been documented

Once the field work of the campaign has been completed, "now we will proceed to carry out study and analysis of materials found"

The University of Alicante excavates in two sectors of Cabezo Redondo archaeological site

Dating from the Old Bronze and Late Bronze ages, will be explained at the Open Doors Days on July 23 and 24th.

UA Divulga. Interview with Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret. Professor of Archaeology

Meetings on the UA Campus to talk about popularization and science with leading experts, both from the University of Alicante and from other institutions or research centers.

The fifth issue of DAMA Magazine has been published

The fifth issue of DAMA magazine (2020) is now available. Can be found both on the magazine's website ( and in the UA's repository  ( From these two pages articles can be viewed and downloaded.

Molón de Camporrobles. Chapter 5. Last occupations

Reports about the archaeological site El Molón in the RTVE program "The adventure of knowledge"

                         - Chapter 1: the walls   

                         - Chapter 2: the iberian village

                         - Chapter 3 :the last iberian moments

                         - Chapter 4. Islamic occupation.


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